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Re: Calvin Klein Dogi Bottoms

Philip Purcell wrote: View Post
Before you fashionistas out there trawl the internet looking for CK kit ... ...

In my eagerness to get out last night I only packed my jacket, as a consequence and not wanting to drive all the way home I decided to give training in my jeans a go. Despite the waist band being too big and the constant need to pull them up I quite enjoyed the experience. I also am quite pleased to note that it was not too much of a detriment to my aikido.

Whilst I do not advocate training in your normal day wear too much; has anyone else done this (either through design or otherwise)? What were your thoughts and would giving it a go occasionally add value to your practise?

(I wonder if I could pull it off in a Canali suit? )
About half of the group training that I do is in regular clothing. I like it, and I like the relaxed atmosphere that it engenders.

The standard keiko-gi was originally intended to be a sweatsuit - a more durable version of regular street clothes for working out. Somehow, things have moved away from that...



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