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Re: Aikido maneuvers

It depends on how you count.

On could say there are only about 8 defensive techniques in the basic curriculum. Most of those have 2 variations (like inside or outside).
Usually we practise how to apply those techniques from about 8 different attacks.

In addition to this, there are also attacks with weapons, possibly kicks, disarming techniques, multiple attackers, reversals and other more advanced techniques and variations.
If you count the combinations usually trained, you get a number of about 150 techniques as listed in the test requirements for a black belt test (but this number may vary between styles and dojos).

But if you also count the more unusual attacks and defensive variations, distinguish between left and right and every other distinction you can come up with and then multiply all possible combinations, you can get a much larger number if you want.

It's like answering the question of how many different forms of matter exist. One could say 2 (leptons and quarks), 3 (proton, electron, neutron), about 100 (the elements, or do you count isotopes as well?). Or are you talking about molecules? If yes, do you count states (solid, liquid, gas, plasma, different crystalline forms)?

The answer depends on the criteria one chooses to distinguish forms.

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