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Bruce Baker
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Reality of Loving Protection

There is a duality of Loving protection, something like I love and protect my children, but if they get out of line they are punished, and if you touch them I will rip out your heart and jam it up you @$$! You get the idea.

Remaining calm, with the clear mind that is not angry, not seeking to hurt anyone ... well ... it gives you the advantage to inflict pain for the sake of need and not for the sake of anger, vengence, or a whole host of emotions that eat away at you.

No attutude, loving protection, and the ability to let act without emotions that will cloud your judgement when restaining or protecting yourself or others.

I wouldn't put "Loving Protection" into the category of not doing what is needed to be done, but being able to see more clearly when enough is enough.

Or, when my partner cranks too hard, I ask for a little less loving ... please.
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