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Re: Morihei Ueshiba, Budo and Kamae

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
One of the doka that I've always wondered about is

The "Cross Of Aiki" (Love-Ki)
Of the structure of the Great and Swift Kami.
The meritorious deeds (samuhara) of the
Kami of the Eight Powers.
I'd love to know what the original said, it seems that there could be a lot in this one.

I realize with the doka, we also get into an area that could be described as "a translation of a memory" since (it's my understanding) that many of the doka were written down by nidai doshu and others as things they recalled OSensei saying, rather than a collection hand written by OSensei himself and then published.

This really requires a longer dissection than I can do here. I'll just point out that the Cross and the Eight Powers are both common and important themes in Ueshiba's writings. I'll also point out that these are pointers to specific technical references.



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