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I heard that the Senseis in Aikikai Hombu Dojo only teach 2-3 techniques for each class and they only teaches basic techniques (katatedori, somenuchi : ikkyo, nikkyo, shihonage, etc). and they never trains bukiwaza. is it true?

my Dojo is considering to train like in Hombu.. so I'd like to know more about the culture in hombu..

thanks in advance
I noticed that the techniques were used primarily as a vehicle for complex concepts. Hence, while the technique branch may have been expected, the classes were challenging in their own right. Of course the nature of principles behind the techniques varied between the teachers and their preferences, so many people chose to limit their training to a few, if not one, main teacher.

Some very similar things to my home dojo, which was welcoming as a new visitor, but not much that was controversial or experimental. Maybe 10 minutes per technique, which got in around 4 varients.

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