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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
The Dai Nippon Butokukai has kind of a checkered history and is, currently, a very minor organization in Japan without much real connection to the pre-war group of the same name. It appears to be somewhat larger outside of Japan than in.

There's a kind of interesting (if old) discussion here.

The summary here is a little better if you can read Japanese.

To get back to "peace", I think that before discussing peace in Aikido it should be established whether or not Morihei Ueshiba was in fact a pacifist (Kisshomaru denied that either he or his father were pacifists), and/or if he was a pacifist then what "peace" would mean to him.

Peace might, for example, mean something different to someone like Arnaud Amalric than it does to most people here (or so I imagine!).


Sorry about the lateness of my response. Here you can find the History of DNBK and the international division of the organization. I wanted to post the whole article, however the material is copy righted, so I can only post the link:

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Andy B
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