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Re: Morihei Ueshiba, Budo and Kamae

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Passed it along...

Before anybody gets upset, this is absolutely not any kind of a weird challenge to a fight to the death, please don't take it that way - just an offer from Dan to demonstrate physically the principles of six directions and spiraling that I talked about in the original blog posting about Kamae and the post with the response from John Stevens.


I was just saying that to Tom. " Who in their right mind would ever take me offering to demonstrate a threat?" Then I remembered certain sensitive souls here doing exactly that!!
So Yes Chris. It was an offer to explain what Ueshiba was referencing as a body of work in his writings and which is stunningly evident in Shirata's solo training exercises. It really doesn't matter to me how he sees himself as "qualified," since no Aikido Shihan I have ever met or seen can do and explain these things. Honestly, I think trying to find one- or as we have seen recently trying to invent one- isn't going to survive scrutiny by more educated budoka.
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