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Re: Morihei Ueshiba, Budo and Kamae

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If we're saying that the angle of the feet are going to affect the rest of the body - sure, that's a no brainer, everything's obviously connected.

My question is:
  1. Is the angle of the feet what Ueshiba was talking about?
  2. If he was (I don't believe that he was) - is the difference between 60 and 90 degrees really a deep dark martial secret?
  3. If it is the angle, and it is that vital, why do we have other close students of Ueshiba with differing opinions on the angle?


1. Probably not.
2. Even more probably not.
3. 'Cause most of them state they didn't understand what the old man was saying anyway so they guessed he was talking sumfin about footsies?

... but at the same time, it might have implications why someone farther down the line could look at a demonstration given and interpret the external appearance of what is being shown - oh, he's making a point about the feet - when in reality he could have just been exaggerating something to get at a larger point, but elaborated in one context as a starting point. So if someone grew irrationally attached to one context, without getting the larger point, and another grew irrationally attached to another context, without getting the larger point, they could all be quite vociferous about what they believe, and disagree amongst themselves, because they missed a larger point...

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