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The Mental Side of Aikido?

I have been interested in martial arts for a very long time but have never went to any classes. I have always loved Japanese culture, samurai's,bushido,art, zen, psycology, the mind etc.... I am looking into taking Aikido because I love the philosophy behind it and the mental fitness you gain from it. The art of Aikido amazes me!. However I dont know if Aikido is effective in a random street encounter.

I was wondering if theres any Aikidoka's that can tell me the mental side of aikido? ( i am interested in the psychology of aikido self - actualization, Harmony, respect, finding more about your self, confidence etc )

I love the philosophy and ART of aikido but is it effective on the street or am i better of taking something like Judo? (There isn't really any close judo schools around me) likely i probably wouldn't put my self in a situation to put my self in a fight nor probably ever have to use self defense but if something were to happen would I have the tools to defend myself with Aikido
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