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Bruce Baker
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I know that I have proposed many baited questions, and saught many different answers, to which there has either been disagreement, or astonishment ... but useless techniques remind me of learning kata without learning what it is for, or how it is used ... absolutely useless.

Kind of like the practice sessions with "What if you were attacked like this" useless scenario's that never seems to happen to you.

Well, what if you did discover the point of the technique, or at leaast a reason to use it?

Kind of like the statement of "Can I help you and be helpful, or can I be less help to you and be Helpless?"

Technique, or is it the Brain Fog that has covered your logic to see the usefulness of what you do? Useless is that tool you bought on television and it never comes out of the drawer after you use it one time.

Thanks Don Modesto for your contribution to the this thread. Having reread the thread, it did indeed change the course of debate from uselessness, to usefulness ... as I will now get off my chair, turn off my computer, and go do something of usefulness right now.

See ya later.

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