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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Thanks for the response, it is helpful to see your position.
So how many people have you enlightened over the years?
Understand it is a on going process, just curious how your students are doing in this area since it is your focus.
Yes, it is an ongoing process.

How many? Is that a trick question? If you mean full enlightenment, the final end state then I consider it such.

If you mean it as a verb then every single student over the years is the answer. From day one. They can't help but hit enlightening realizations the way I teach for it is par for the course and expected. It's what I offer and it's what I deliver.

They learn the spiritual and how it relates to the mental and physical in practice and this opens there eyes to their own potential and their own life, let alone life itself. Now that's quite enlightening for someone in itself. They learn many things they had previously thought impossible or only read about in fiction books. That too is enlightening.

They learn that the path is one of harmony and just how hard that is yet how true it is and that too is enlightening.

Thus their lives get better, they get more confident, they handle problems in life much better and become more enlightened good and reasonable and able people.

Not all at the same rate obviously. Thus Aikido is a great tool for the problems on the mat are a mere reflection of how they approach similar in life and show the next barrier for them to go through.

Every conceivable situation in Aikido represents a problem or situation in life that you must solve, handle directly with harmony. Thus without harmful intent, without harm, without anger or fear or any other negative emotion, without force, without someone coming to your rescue, without thinking, without the view of escape, without reaction, selflessly.

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