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Re: Attempted Assault

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
Very cool.

That was TWICE the normal Aikido since you managed to include the Aikido catchphrase!
Grab my arm?

Well, he said what he said and then came quickly toward me in that narrow space (a narrow concrete space with a lot of metal sticking out everywhere). So I put up my arms and said, "Grab my arm!" and he did.

My biggest point here is that we should NEVER count on a "second chance" to succeed with aikido. (the following relates to that point and is not directed "at" you. I'm just going on with the main thought.

Aikido has to work in the very instant of contact. We mustn't expect that if we just brush the attacker away the first time, he won't come back pulling out a knife.

Training has to focus on ending the attacker's ability to attack in the first split second of contact.

Now, recently (last five years or so), I've been seriously considering aiki to be a force within the body and not a matter of outer movement and technique.

So maybe that puts all technique back to the state of jutsu or jujutsu.

But if technique is all you have going for you, there's technique and then there's technique.

Since we find so many people believing that Japanese "spirituality" is as dualistic as Western spirituality, dividing spirit from body, we also find a lot of very poor technique passing as "spiritual" when it's neither physical nor spiritual but a mere misunderstanding of aikido on every level.

So not all "technique" that we find under the name of aikido can even qualify as "technique" in the sense of jutsu, or art.

It will only lead one into a position where the attacker can gradually cut him or her into a corner and overpower them.

Jason describes it very well above.

Just because we train for physically effective technique, we don't continue to brutalize the attacker once we have stopped him, and that's where the spirituality of aikido can be seen.

Best wishes.


"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
Lao Tzu

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