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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Kevin, I read your post (188). Very nicely put. From the heart. Your view.

Now if someone came to me and whether they had watched me or trained with me or just met me but said they were looking for someone to teach them physical Aikido and gave me a good reasoned explanation as to why then I would gladly send them in your direction.

Thus there is for me no competition.

Thanks. So to clarify..then what you are don't consider it a martial art then?

So what do you consider it? A physical meditation, mind improvement process, or something like that?

Are you upfront with your students about the limitations of their training?

What is the end state you are trying to achieve for the,?

Just want to see where you stand on this so I can better understand your position on the spectrum.

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