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Re: Dangerous Situations

Well Michael, that's why we learn and grow right? I never was in a situation that agitating before, since I lived a pretty sheltered life up until that point. I was already naive for a ten year old, so it was baaaaad. I didn't know what punch was until it hit me, and they had like 8 people, with the ringleader this Indian kid. They're all bigger and fitter than I am and knew how to fight. I was a noob and a bit dumb. I didn't know what to do and was totally scared, so I thought I could scare em off if I showed some force. I never intented on stabbing them at all, and simply just held the scissors in my hands.

Now if I was 14 and I did that it would be perfectly fine to yell at me for being a moron. But again, I learned right after that day that it was no good to respond with force, real or bluff.

It's one of those things that makes you better in the long run
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