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Re: Dangerous Situations

This looks like the most dangerous situation in your long list of mostly non-dangerous situations ;
Alic Xie wrote: View Post
...Cited for aggrevated assault with a weapon. (reads as: holding a scissor and running forward, no stabbing involved)
If one schoolchild attacks another with a pair of scissor I'd hope that child would be at the very least reprimanded and watched like a hawk from that day on. Suspension or expelling would be the next step.
I know we're all supposed to take your side as a victim ... but sorry, not this time. Not from me.
Any time I've been furious with other kids at scholl I did not attack them with a sharp weapon, I'm not a psycho.

My dangerous situations ;
Attempting to rescue the occupants of a burning car on a local bridge : car was empty! I avoided the flash fire upon opening the door, axe in hand. Everyone was fine ... I'd do exactly the same thing again, too.

Attacked by three 'yard dogs' in Moscow, hitting them with the end of a longbow and shouting sent them packing ... but I was ready to escalate with something in my pocket. Danger averted, some frayed hemlines, nothing worse.

I have never stolen lunch money or had it stolen, nor would I consider it a dangerous situation.
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