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Re: Dangerous Situations

Well, like a lot of people here, I was bullied a bit at school, but it never resulted in much physical damage, so I guess I was lucky compared to Alic et al.

I think the most dangerous situation I have been in was when I was serving beer at a summer festival. On my first day, a guy came up and ordered 5 beers. I took the caps off, took his money and gave him his change. Then his friends walked up and he turned around and realised that he only had 3 friends so he asked for a refund on one of his beers. Now, if I had seen his friends when he ordered, I would have refused them service because they were pretty drunk. Anyway, I wasn't allowed to give him a refund since the bottle was open and the transaction was complete, and he accepted that. His friend wouldn't let it go though. He let rip with a bunch of expletives and macho challenging bulls##t. "I'll bash the c##p out of you, you f##king f##ot" "you're dead, you hear me?" That sort of stuff. Anyway, I followed protocol in these situations and said "I will just call my manager who will be able to help you". My coworker ran to the other end of the hall to grab the manager while I stayed behind the counter. He was fixated on me, so my coworker was pretty safe, and if I had left, it would have given him a clean shot. I then continued to serve customers while he was hurling insults at me. My manager got there after a while, and repeated what I had already said. He was just about to send for his manager when the security guards started to converge on us. The guy's friend saw the danger at this point and pulled him away. About 20 minutes later, he was dragged past my counter in handcuffs by the police, still hurling insults at me.

I'm sure a lot of people have been in this situation, but if I had risen to his bait at all he would have been on me in an instant. By not giving him an excuse to come at me, nobody got hurt (he didn't get charged). If I had responded, I may have been able to deal with him, but I was only 2kyu at the time, and he was about twice my size, so I don't really like my chances.
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