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Re: Attempted Assault

can't say what it would have done for me in that situation, but it worked well enough for me the two times I've had to physically use it. Once when a guy was starting a fight with me over, I think, my choice of friends...or maybe my long hair at the time. During the typical "I'm going to beat your ass" monologue I watched the guys body language and felt that he was going to eventually throw a right at me. After some back and forth, which I could have probably diffused, but did not, he threw a right cross which I cut down and whipped into a shihonage. I didn't slam him down, but held him bent back for a second. While I mentally crapped my pants that I did what I did, he was yelling "what the F man, get off me" and then I shoved him away and that was that. The second was when someone, again for reasons I don't exactly recall, shoved me in the chest out of nowhere. Never saw him coming, but when he hit me I hooked his left elbow with my right hand, pulled it down while moving back a and lifted up on the other side, tossing him a few feet away, pretty much face first into a gravel driveway. It was pretty text book ryokatatori randori. He got scraped up pretty bad. Nothing serious, but it was enough, probably from the shock of it and less from the fall, to make him not want to try again.

Both outcomes were, IMO, the result of good, hard, honest training with people who valued that type of training. Getting pushed hard, not going through the motions and practicing not just to do a technique, but to protect myself if technique wasn't there for me. And for the record, I think that quite a few of the people I was training with at the time would given a suitable response in that situation.
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