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Re: New instructor on the block

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I would suggest you put some ice on your head and then go get a copy of George Leonard's book Mastery and read chapter 5 which is all about teaching.

An excerpt ,posted here, discusses teaching different kinds of students.
I Recommend, you now take a break for a week, settle down, let it all sink in. And return to the dojo as yourself (not the instructor), and just respond naturally to any situation that arises. Thats what you are training to do after all.

Actively encourage all students to do better, go further with their physical body, and understanding of mind and spirit.

Discourage in yourself the urge overly praise people for what they are doing now, for it will change and this may start to cause confusion. Indeed as they get older it will change, and the person may get saddened by the fact they can no longer do what you said to him/her was really quite fantastic. You can prevent this. Budo is a mystery to me too.

In Budo,

Andy B

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