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Re: Fingers spread or together?

Hi Jim,

I will start by saying I have not read the previous replies do appologise, if I go over old ground in my post.
so here it is for me.

It depends, If I have consciousness in my body, I open my fingers, the reason is that there is no muscles in the fingers, opening them causes the tendons to contract releasing, full energy into the hands.

If my consciousness, is solely on the attacker, and not anywhere in my body, I just let everything relax completely, and apply Aiki, become completely aware of the sphere of uke, in this sphere before he has unleashed his attack, you can spot his movement of mind/intent, and you can apply movement and whatever technique.

The first approach as you may have gathered is in, Strong basic technique
the second approach is applied to Ki no Nagare, techniques, but can only work if the uke is fully committed, that does not mean just his body but he must be thinking and fully intending to strike you.

in this way, each approach I feel complements each other, FWIW.

in Budo

Andy B

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