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Re: Attempted Assault

I'm in Yoshinkan, and we definately do practice with this in mind. However, one of the things we are harped on is the metsuki maai concept. We need to have situational awareness and keep our distance. As a martial artist you can never be caught off guard and always assume someone is going to attack you, unless you know for sure that person will not. In this case, a co-worker is hard to judge, so I don't blame you, but if it was a stranger, I would definately consider being more alert. Also, your personal area should never be violated, as that would ruin you chances of responding to the attack.

Now, if this guy comes to me with a brisk walk, and he ask me this without stopping at all, and I'd be suspicous. I mean, usually people stop in front of you, and then talk. If he is talking to you loudly a good distance away, when in fact he can just come up to you can talk to you in normal volume, and he's actually asking to see Aikido, I'd be worried about his intentions. I've been assaulted in cases similar to this, and they always start the taunting from afar. Nobody taunts in front of you unless they're sure about you not fighting back. If you do show fighting spirit, then they get a good distance away. That's just how the fighting instincts work.

Now, if this happened to me, this would be my approach. This guy is coming in hard, but I'm not sure about his intentions, and I'd hold off an actual martial response until I can get a confirmation. Now, because of my experiences with violence and bullying, I'm very very sensitive to people's intentions. How they speak and how they ask is very distinctive. If I can sense that the tone is confronting and harsh, and the word choice is very commanding, I'll know he's actually psyching himself up. If he went "can you show something cool from your Aikido training?" even reading it you can tell it's friendly. A commanding tone shows that he wants to dominate you mentally already, before even touching you.

Now, I can do these two things:

A) Redirection
"Ok, but not here. Let's go somewhere safer and more matted. Don't want you getting hurt yeah? How about after work on a grassy field?"

B) Blending
"OK, grab my shirt and try pulling me to you"

C) Evasion
"Nah dude, we're working. Don't wana get in trouble with the boss for play on the job ya know? Let's do this another time and place, maybe at my dojo?"

D) Non-confrontational
"No man, can't show anything outside the dojo, sensei's orders. Come to the club and I can show you some really cool stuff. You can even try out a class if you'd like to know more"

E) Questioning
"Errm... Why?"

F) Point out the obvious
"Too dangerous here man"

If he refuses to go along with your flow, then obviously he's already established his own timing and flow, which means that he is already in a combatitive mindset, ready to compete against you to prove himself or something. Afterall, if you ask nicely and he still says "No, show me here and now" then there's only one thing he wants, and only one thing you can then do. You've already ruled out a peaceful resolution, since it's obvious he's not gonna let it end well. Escaping was never possible to begin with, down in the shafts. So the only thing to do is to let your training take over. Set the distance and timing, focus on him, get ready to respond, and send him flying. He will come charging in if he sees you taking a stance, so a simple redirection like you did would work, as well as other ura techniques. You can invite him to grab, and then either use it as a feint for iriminage, or do a technique. Even more devious, go along with it, and ask for munemochi like I asked. If he listens and pulls (likely to happen based on human psych), then you can go for irimizuki, my fav technique for dealing with aggressors. He falls away from dangerous machines, and you used one of the most powerful techniques in Aikido. He's sure to be impressed and scared after that one. If he pushes, just do a pivot will send him flying away with his own force. Shihonage is also fun, since he's so much bigger than you, so you can also opt to let him grab your hand just as you did, and do the perfect katatemochi shihonage 2 (or ura katatedor shihonage).

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