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Re: Harmony of Form

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Thank you.
I would be only too happy to meet and share. Brighton isn't that far away and maybe I could come down one day with my Son even and have a day out.

I'm getting a few invites recently, one from London, Liverpool Street, only yesterday. Another I look forward to.

Strange how life works, organically.

I have just read a post even saying I have no knowledge of zen ha, ha. As if zen is some subject. So in reply and as a piece of zen of my own to share with you I will leave you with the following.

How can another silence you when you already communicate from silence.

Well I'm honoured , Graham you are a a real gentlemen

I too am rather busy with building work and teaching and working, I can't book any holiday for at least a month and a half but certainly up for meeting up when this mad period of time is oh so very gone.

How to silence when you both communicate from silence.

You both see, the beauty of the Harmony of the formless in the beauty of the form, and you laugh,
A deep laugh from this knowing, then returning to a smile, just a gentle smile, where and when you can just be.

In peace brother,

Andy B
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