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Re: Harmony of Form

Yes, Yes , Yes and more yes's, Graham, and you can be happy with whatever form it takes, your, job, your lifestyle, choice of marital art, all those"things". Forms. because at the centre you, you re-main essentially yourself, not Aikidoa, not a business man, not a road sweeper, not anything changes your essential nature, only thought is constantly covering it up. YOU ARE your essential nature
And you are it in the present moment, right here right now. And in this I can act.

And that thought, all that thought you described is based in some kind of mental (and I do mean its menal madness) mind made sense of competition.

Thank you for you comments Graham, this too has put a smile on my face, we too should get together and train so we can both feel what we are talking about, I've always said its in the feeling of the training

In open friendship and ,

Always In Budo

Andy B
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