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Dangerous Situations

Hi Everyone,

First thread, wooo!

I wanted to hold a discussion (or show and tell, if you will) of our dangerous experiences in life. By this I mean self defense, assaults, dangerous situations, disputes, bullying, abuse, or anything of violent nature that you yourself did not ask for, but is being forced upon you by the will of another. What did you do in response to the aggression, how well did it work, and what did you learn from the experience?

I'll start, and this is gonna be long, so if you don't like wall-o-text, best turn away now.

You see, I've always wanted to train seriously as a martial artist. However, unlike many kids back then who just want to look cool or can kick serious ass, I wanted to train dilligently. Many of those kids try out things like karate or taekwando for like 1-2 month, and give up because they aren't motivated enough, and don't want to pay their dues for the ability to fight well.

I on the other hand, thought that it's not being able to kick ass that's cool, but rather the tough training, guided by a wise master, allows an ordinary person to become extraordinary through hard work and preserverence. Further more, the martial artist can then take a stand against injustice, and not allow others to dictate his life as they wish. That sense of confidence, determination, and independence was what I had wanted, even as a child.

However, I wasn't atheletic at all, and was discouraged doing sports by peers who didn't want me on their team, or teachers who didn't think highly of the slow and pudgy me. So I thought I was a hopelessly talentless person that couldn't trained by any master, and gave up that dream to being strong as being "not possible for me."

Then, all of the sudden, I was told at the last minute that I am immigrating to Canada from my small southern city in China. Shocking as it may, I was being a good sport and said "no problem." Thinking back, I want to kick my tiny self in the rear for being so damn naive. It wasn't gonna be that easy...

Elementary school. Classmates seem ok, even though I understood nothing they said. Ok, why are they taking my stuff and chucking it back and forth? Why won't they give it back? OUCH, why did he punch me? Why isn't the teacher doing anything? I didn't do anything to annoy them! Hell, I can't speak a word of english! OW, stop that! Hey, give that back! What are you saying, I can't understand you! GAH, my kidney...

That about sums up my memory of first week of school. I told pops friday evening that I wanted to go home. He laughed at me and said, "you are home, now go do your homework." Ok, no help from pops, check. Mom, I'm being beaten by my classmates for no reason! What should I do? "Oh just ignore them baby, they'll get bored of it soon enough" Ok, I'll try that.

Spitballs, my pen stolen, can't find my water bottle, lunch in the garbage for some reason, my notebook drawn in, chair pulled out from under me as I sat, tripped while walking past desk. Why isn't the teacher doing anything??? She's right there and I know she can see me! Hey teach, a little help? "Stop teasing him boys." She says. Stop teasing??? I don't think this is teasing anymore...

This went on for about... a year or so. Getting progressively worse as my english gets progressively better. OK, now I understand they're calling me a fatass, or a faggot. I can't tell which is which. OW, damnit not my teeth! It's falling off! OK asshole, you asked for it! Just scaring them a bit should work right?

Cited for aggrevated assault with a weapon. (reads as: holding a scissor and running forward, no stabbing involved)

Lesson One: aggression right back doesn't work in public eye.
Solution: Don't fight back in public

Doh. What now? Can't fight back, so get ass kicked repeatedly in school. One day, the jerk squad comes up to me, and says "let's take this outside, you, me after school." I thought, awesome, maybe I can settle things so that they'll stop bothering me. Led me to a forested area near school, gang leader clothlines me from behind just as we got there, sits down on my back, and proceed to beat the living shit of out of me. I look back and guess what? Everybody was kicking me and throwing grass on me. This wasn't a duel, this was a gang beatdown!

Lesson Two: dueling doesn't work with assholes
Solution: never trust dishonorable people's words

Ok, so I'll just avoid them. Should be ok. Going home perfectly safe, must be a record. Hey wait a mo, I feel eyes on me...looks back over my shoulder - OMH HOLY $#@% how many of them are there?!? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - ... is that skateboard in his hand? Why is he walking with it and... SHIT FIND SAFE ZONE. Goes and fake ringing door bell of the closes house to me. Look at street, phew all clear.

Lesson Three: When in doubt, seek help, even if bluffing, better than nothing.

Feeling good about myself, they shouldn't be trying that again. Go home - BLARG ouch... bastards were waiting for me... I'm being jumped aren't I? Oh my, that skateboard again... BAM


Out for 30 minutes until passing car stopped. RCMP showed up, talked to them, didn't get in much trouble, the jerks. I got yelled by the folks for causing trouble. Being called into school by the principle is very embarressing. Dad told me "why didn't you fight back?" Great advice pop...

Lesson Four: never assume you are safe, EVER. Things change in a flash.
Solution: mounties to the rescue!

Peace lasted for approximately... 4 days. Continue as before until graduation. No major ass kicking tho, just small ones everyday. Mounties must be effective!

High School, jerks likes pick on me, so I became invisible. No one see me, I don't get hurt! No social life or popularity to speak of, no girlfriends ever, sucky grades... Kk this sucks. Why am I so pathetic? Holding myself back just because of fear? I'm a bloody coward...

I don't like this feeling...

Fast forward to University. Pals in class doing weird wrestling for some reason after class. What you guys doing? Oh, you do martial arts? What kind? Aikido you say? Yoshinkan - what's that? Grab your hand? OK, wh - OOOOOWWWWW.

Uke for the first time in my life: katatemochi sankajo

This shit hurts man... got anymore? Grab your chest? OH DAMN MY ELBOW, what's this? hijishime? Shit, where do I sign up?

Thus began the days of me, the mats, and me blending with the mats.

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