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Harmony of Form

Hi to all,

And welcome to the third instalment of my recent threads, on my vies on the competitive mind.
This has once again moved into something, I did not expect at all. However her we are.


When we have learned the Basics of Waza, true Martial technique and application, and can see, that the student, has gained profficiency, we move onto the next stage. Please indulge me here, as after this (shodan), at any given time this, what I intend to point to, because that's all words really and truly do is point, they do not tell the whole story, this can be possible, but it does require training. I will repeat here again, IIT REQUIRES DEEP TRAINING IN BASIC EFFECTIVE MARTIAL TECHNIQUE.
Please remember this point because it's going to be very important later on.

Now here is the part of the trickery of the competing mind, in any true martial art, it does not matter what form it takes. It just so happens to be for me Aikido. For others it is Karate, for some it Kung fu, for some it BJJ and so on and so forth.

It is not mine is better than yours, so yours don't work effectively enough, It is certainly in the how nt the what.

After the Basics are taught, this is also important how they are taught, yes indeed.
The student begins to move, and develop his own movement based on what he has been vigorously taught, but with true compassionate kindness. Not the self seeing compassion of I want them to show them I'm a nce kind loving person, YOU ARE A NICE KIND LOVING PERSON, because you have been taught the basics correctly and honestly and truthfully.

At this point we can move up a stage, I say can because again this too is very important at this stage.
YOU CAN CHOOSE HERE AT THIS POINT TO CHOOSE!!!!!!! TO MOVE FROM THE GRIP OF FORM INTO THE FORMLESS. It is your choice to stay at stage two, it's very important you choose to move on.
Deffinately with the intent you had to learn the basics. And neither is based on competition.

We begin with very simple things, try a few out for yourselves, I allays urge my potential readers and critics alike to try these very simple but not always easy techniques to use (a bit like ikkyo you might say), start with go right now make a cup of tea, coffe , glass of water and whatever It maybe and bring it back the computer. do that now, this is important too.

All done
Ok now, look at your bevereridge, just look at it, do not label it, do not judge it (hot, cold, nice, good, bad, sweet, sour if you got a beer.

Why? You may ask, why must I do all these things? you don't. IT simply "is what it's".
you already "know" what it is, Don't you? If you learned the Basics you surely do.

You apply this feeling to everything you see, it is!
Your house how big it is, your car your how good or bad it is, your spouse her name and what she looks, job and how good or bad it is job, your life style.

Then you choose move up a stage, you put no lables to, your ilness, your disabilities, your handicap, it just all is

AHHHHHHHH I hear you cry but they are are all real problems that need to be sorted an and how do we do all that when we think of nothing, there is war famine diseaseand what they did to us in the past and our fore fathers in the past and they have never paid for it, this and that and the rest.

YES THERE IS AND ITS ALL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW, UNDER OUR VERY NOSES ITS ALL HAPENING NOW. I do not deny things happened in the past they existed, and we're truly terrible then. BUT THEY ARE NOT IN THE PRESENT MOMENT? gone gone forever gone, ends one famous Buddhist text , or something very similar it may be exact but clse enough. I love using this to get my point across, if I'm talking these matters with people from that persuasion.

FULLY without LABLES, if you have learnt all the basics thoroughly, there is indeed only ne use of the mind that indeed fully integrates my current understanding. It is action, it is action, in whatever form it takes, WHATEVER FORM IT TAKES, rembering that from earlier,, thats good, because you can kearn from the past in the present moment, but then drop it, bcause you already knew it, you were just remembering, action in whatever form it takes.

Now think about basic ordinary day actions, you sit in a chair, you can either choose to sit in.a slouch or a upright straight position, but you choose that act in the full knowledge if the basics have been learned correctly, wil indeed give you a bad back, and it will happen now.
So immediately sit up. and you "know" it's the right thing to do. Because you learnt. The basics.
sounds so much like Aikido technique it's just weirded isn't it?

Now this action is not based and thinking about or thought as such, it's that same knowing, you know that a cup of coffe is still a cp of coffee wether you call it one or not, yu still ok now what it is.

Indeed the this next part requires on other choice to move into, you choose to derive action from not thinking about your action but knowing what is, because it is the right thing for you!
because you have learnt the basics from your teacher, not matter what form that even may take (mother,father, sensei, co-worker) a flower or a tree, routed in stillness, shows us the true way.
This is the great lesson of life, STILNESS, everything no matter what returns to stillness eventually, this is what happens when you sleep.

This is totally what is ment by surrendering, surrendering to this moment, so life that be maintained, harmony is stored, you are alive. You are here now.

action derived from the stilness that you already know what the right move is.

Sur in life you have questions, where am I going to find a job, ask the question once, then become completely and utterly silent, have a feeling of looking for what your next thought is going to be. Go on sit there and tell me what you next thought is going to be, concentrate hard, ask the burning question, then drop it, let an answer come thoughts it's No effort no thought then, something will naturally come into your head with time. But not too much.

BUT BUT what has all this got to do with the harmony of form I hear you cry once again my paitient readers, When you truly do not lable judge, point argue, all of those things your actions, come from stillness, and guess what, THERE IS NO COMPETITION IN STILNESS, it just is, in that moment , it is what, is.

Then are you not truly, free from form, it is what is, but you can still act out of the STILNESS, and it will be the correct choice for you. NO matter what form that takes, in no matter what life situation form it takes, I'm your loved ones form.

Here from this stand point you can choose to love, peace and harmony, to these three there are no true opposites, they are too powerfully aligned with this moment, to have any true opposites, all opposites come later, or they have already gone, gone forever gone.

Because you have learned the basics, you:


Always and truly in Budo,

Andy B

P.S comments, experiences welcome and thank you for reading once again, I am p very late after nearly being up nearly 24 hrs again, good night, people, peace be with you all.
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