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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
This statement is actually false. Your experience of past, present & future is simply a bio-electrical (via chemical processes) occurrence that manifest as cognitive, emotional and sensory experiences. At an existential level, your present is a simultaneous experience of all temporal modalities.

Life is not a trial run. Nothing that has occurred can be done again. In a real fight, if you try to think about what you do, you are .5 seconds behind the person doing something. Bad place to be..... You do what you do in that moment and hopefully you might later have the luxury of joy, regret, sadness, etc..

All of that sounds good but rarely seems to translated into effective actions. I would suggest instead that if you can remain as calm and in control of your experiences as possible in a horrible moment, the greater likelihood of you being more effective in that moment- (eye-of-the-hurricane analogy). What you described was a function of a person thinking about the situation, placing him/herself 0.5 seconds behind potential actions. It is not the competing mind that gets the person hurt, but the person who tries to think before acting. That is a neurological/ neuropsychological reality that we cannot escape from.

Marc Abrams
I ment, make it as peaceful as you possibly can. Avoid it if you can, if you cannot avoid it, then injure slightly, if you have to maim/disable, before you kill, and if you must kill, kill cleanly and swiftly ( do not let them suffer) because not one drop f life should be wasted even in death.

This I believe is what O sensei ment, then technique from no matter what style, form or indeed different martial arts, will have that same intent behind it, do as little harm as possible to control the situation in hand.

This does not say do nothing if the violence escalates, indeed to do nothing when you can, is cowardice and it is vileness to my eyes, when I think of Budo.

Ask yourself where are you at this moment, I guarantee you when you read this the answer will be.......HERE NOW. You cannot be anywhere else. Please do try and tell me I'm wrong. And Come up with a convincing argument that is not based on the thought of form, because if it, is it is based in some kind of fear of future or past. if you can theN, you are not really present at all.

Andy B

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