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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Agreed, we are not on the same page. I accept that.

So, I ask for a clearer definition of the competitive mind. I offer the standard buddhist definition along the lines that life is suffering and desire/wants/cravings is what causes suffering....I got all that, I am a practicing buddhist BTW.

I see two distinct issues. Personal level of suffering and the manifestation of it in society or Societal.

Can you accept this as a definition of competitive mind? that is, on a personal level, that desires/wants/cravings cause suffering and the things that people do to act on them is the thing you are calling BAD...or the competitive mind?

If not, then please explain what you mean at the root level what the causes are of competitive mind so we can better understand the causations.

From there, we can then begin to discuss the various solutions on the spectrum. From mediation and other transformative processes.

And, yes, even the Dali Lama admits that sometimes violence is necessary in order to STOP violence if you take the time to listen to what he says. He understands the complex nature of things.

So, it isn't about if I agree to what your definition of budo is or isn' is about YOU giving examples or defining HOW your perspective provides solutions to the various problems on the spectrum.

So, again, I ask. How does the physical practice of aikido help us in alleviating suffering. How does practicing the "WAR WAY" or the "VIOLENCE of Marital Arts" help us in alleviating suffering and injustice in the world? How do we STOP Violence?

That is all that is being asked. It is a very simple question really.
Hi Kevin.
That which you point out I call bad, based on selfish, cravings etc causing suffering and that also being competitive mind yes, I accept that and that is my understanding.

So if you agree with that then we are starting on the same page, thank you for explaining.

Then you ask how does the physical practice of Aikido help us in alleviating suffering. My answer is Physical practice doesn't. Aikido is not a physical practice to me, it is a spiritual practice, a practice of applying spiritual principles in order to finally see just how real and concrete they actually are. Then we can look at life from a new view which actually gives better solutions.

The 'war way' the 'violence way' does not help alleviate suffering is the point. It and thus the competitive mind cannot alleviate suffering is the point. The point I believe O'Sensei continually stated.

Thus Aikido is the discipline and path of peace. That's my view.

Aikido and how it stops violence put as you put it as a simple question deserves thus a simple answer. No competitive mind, no violence. To stop violence takes non-resistance, compassion to gain the correct understanding, humility to act without fear or hidden agenda, center, zanshin, the spirit of loving protection, and those virtues O'Sensei talked about and demonstrated.

Such is my view.

I have too many examples in Aikido of demostrating this in action to students coming from such perspectives with such questions. Thus they find a reality, they experience this different reality, they see the potential use of this different reality and thus have a personal experience which shows their competitive attitude could not handle but yet made 'too much sense' as they tend to put it whilst laughung their socks off.

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