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Re: Training with full hip replacement

thanks for your patience in replying Chuck, I can relate to your training history. i have also done a lot of stupid stuff that made sense at the time, but they don't tell you that the bill comes due later. even some of the stuff that seems sensible like shikko (good for training the centre, according to the japanese) is maybe not so good for us Westerners. I also have some arthritic damage in my hands from breaking techniques and "Iron palm" training. Makes me wonder now who I was planning to fight, robocop maybe?
Anyway I wish you well with your surgery, please let me know how it goes with your recovery, I'll be thinking of you.
I have been told I can hold off for a year or two, dependent upon the integrity of the rest of the skeletal and muscular structure which is being monitored by points scoring method so i'm now trying to find the best place to have it done.
regards and respect, Alec

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