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New instructor on the block

Hi, I've just passed my shodan exam and appointed as (unofficial) assistant instructor in my dojo. so I'm pretty new to all this teaching stuff.. I need to ask you guys a couple things on teaching. hope you can give me some pointers of what I should do.

1. there's this one guy who is learning much faster than anyone that I've ever seen.. in his first class today, he was already able to do ukemi from a standing position. even though not perfectly smooth, he seems to have got the general idea. I think that's quite something.. he wasn't wearing a gi and from his hand position, he doesn't seem to have a previous experience in Aikido.

I had a quite strong urge to compliment him but I also don't want to make him get a big head or make the other students jealous. do you think I should compliment him verbally or should I compliment him implicitly by giving him more attention?

2. I have an abundant sense of humor and I'm used to make a lot of jokes while training to make myself closer to other students. but since Sensei often asks me to teach the class, I've been thinking that I should put more distance and limitation on the jokes I make with the students.

what do you think I should do? is it okay if an (assistant) instructor is overly friendly with the students or is it better if I put some distance with the students while training?

I'm asking this not only to resolve my questions, but also to find out about the training culture in other dojo, in other countries.

thanks in advance
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