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Loving protection is wonderful, but I'm no where near the level where I can physcially pull it off in a real situation. The most I can hope for is for everyone to survive, but my survival takes precedence over whoever happens to be attacking.

There is also something to be said about disabling and physically harming an attacker as being loving protection. Follow me on this: what is more damaging, a broken wrist and concussion or life in prison for killing someone? Drunken groups of college guys (something common by me) like to go around and pick fights. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for one group to go too far and kill someone out of drunken rage and stupidity. I personally feel that in a situation such as that, some bruises and broken bones would be a gift to the attackers when imprisonment would be the other option, thus making their injuries loving protection. Let's hear it for the moral high ground of causing injury! ;^)

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