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Re: Training with full hip replacement

Alec Corper wrote: View Post
Hello to all,
This is a general question to hear what, if any, experience is out there concerning continued training after hip replacement. My left hip is pretty much gone, maybe another year or two at max before I need surgery. I'm 60 this year and I've trained for 35 years, the last 20 in Aikido ( and other stuff). My training in aikido now is mostly teaching since I can't take much ukemi or move at really full speed. In Tai Chi and PMA I have less problem than with aikido, tenkan particularly is stressful. I don't want to stop training so I am delaying surgery as long as possible. Anybody out there can tell me the "good news" part of hip prosthetics ?
many thanks, Alec
Hello Alec,

Is the hip that bad? My colleague in the dojo has just had a hip replacement and she is gradually coming back to training. She is German and had the operation done in Germany. I think she was out of action for a coupe of months, but when she came back to Hiroshima she could walk without crutches. Of course, there was no aikido training at first and I don't think she takes ukemi, yet.

If you PM me, I can give you more information and you can contact her directly.

Best wishes,


P A Goldsbury
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