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If uke has a choice, you're doing it wrong.

Yes, I understand. In a perfect world, ukes have no choices, hold our wrists diligentely and never let them go as we move (or if we move, we are invariably endowed of a speed that ukes are not endowed with) and we beat them around at our will.

In the perfect fight, in the prefect tempest, uke has no choice. If uke stands a choice I am doing it wrong.

It is indeed regrettable that I am such a poor aikidoka that my ukes invariably have a variety of choices, unless I instruct them how not to have one.
I wish one day I can become so clever to be able to leave any uke whatsoever without even once single chance. I will keep training hard, hoping one day I will attain this amazing level of fighting capabilities, and be able to defeat anyone leaving them without even one single chance.

This aikido is amazing. Does not exist one single Martial Art where ukes have no choices, there is always a fight, always a struggle, always mutual opportunities. But with Aikido, we can attain that level where uke has no less than no choice.
Indeed, Aikido is beyond comparison. If you learn it porpperly, your foes will stand no choice ever.

I will redouble my efforts. I want to become like that. I will not succeed, but at least I know that it will be uniquely my fault, because Aiklido can serve you with such dishes: unbeatable.
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