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Jermaine Alley
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good point.

At I often get kind of miffed when some people in my class forget about "survival". Everyone ponders about what will happen in a street situation, but have never been in the first confrontation to know. To experience that adrenaline that just takes off as soon as a "threat" presents itself.

I have been in a few fights before being a cop and after being a cop. I have lost a few, and come out of a few on top to a certain extent.

When i teach a class, I stress that "loving protection" is part of the history of our system, but that needs to be put aside when you think about your own lively hood.

"Coming home alive" is the most important phrase that exists among folks that put themselves in harms way as a job. Sometimes I think the phrase needs to be right next to "loving protection".

thanks for the reply...
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