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Re: Koshi Nage - Open Stance or Feet Together

Most of those are effective against arm grabs. But they're all really Judo. Even Yamada is just dragging uke over his back. Saito's knees were so bad by the time he was 35 that he could throw anyone, but he also drug uke over his back.
The only one that actually had a Koshi that was an actual Koshi against an actual Karate front punch, was Isoyama, but, since Karate uses right hand forward, right foot forward, it is the opposite of the typical western boxing cross, which is right hand forward, left foot forward.
I have invented a throw that qualifies as a Koshi, against a punch, but it could be called a sort of variation of Harai-nage., after the punch, that is, because judo doesn't use punches.
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