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Re: Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?

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Hello everyone! good day to all of you! apologize first for my grammar because i am not good at in English.

I am novice in training Aikido, actually i get a year for training but due to insufficient income of mine i have to stop training. There are so many things that change of me after i stop training at the dojo, my confidential is slowly fading, my concentration of things become weak, my awareness become low, my thinking capability become in blur like i didn't train as an Aikidoist. Is this is the side effect of if you stop training? i am aware of this Senseis and Sempais, i am thinking that i must ask for the more experience than i for surpassing this for some advice that i can do?

when i start training, after realizing that i am growing little by little, my mind and thinking capability is in the state of a convenient order. But when stop training its also slowly fading! How do i Maintain this capabilities that i already acquired ? hopefully Sensei and Sempai give some little advice of me.. thank you! wishing a good day!
The answer is no and yes.
If you mean learnig aikido without training with real human beings, the answer is almost certainly no.

If instead you mean how you may integrate your dojo training with either solo training or how to deal with a vacation mode doing some "homework", then the answer is yes.

It is yes only in that case, and it is so because all martial arts are based, actually, on katas. There are katas also in aikido, though it is regrettable that not enough emphasize is put on them in Aikido, or at least not usually.

If then katas are not enough for you (and with Aikido they may not be enough, and this may account for the fact they're not very emphasized in Aikido), because you feel Aikido is essentially a contact activity (it is not like boxing where you can punch a variety of bags), then you can still practice solo if you are a bit inventive. But the caveats remain, this applies only if you're looking for an integration, because no one can learn aikido without ever training with actual ukes.

In case you may want to incorporate some solo training, and yet you feel the need of some contact, I have devised for myself a setting - I have no idea if this may work for you, however it works for me and it improved a lot my nonetheless modest capabilities when dealing with an actual uke. The setting I am using is the following, without any claim it may be useful for you - however it is for me so who knows (skip all the blabbers - go midway and it gives to you a feel of how that solo training could be done - even better turn audio off, my Italian accent does not help...): (from minute 5.35 onward is the part you may have interest in, if any)
If then you want to see more solo training with that setting (about from minute 6.00) (arguably from 7.30)

If you cannot train in a dojo anymore and yet you feel like you don't want to lose entirely what you have learned, that's a way not to lose everything at least.
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