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Re: Still On The Fence

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Uhhh, sure, but you started this thread by stating it as a problem of choosing between aikido and kung fu...not as a problem of choosing whether waste your time being confused and abused and learning nothing, or to do just about anything else as an alternative.
What he said.

Much better to just say what the real problem is up front. The problem you had was not wiht the actual martial art but with the person teaching you. You might have found a very different and more positve experience in another dojo of the same art. Of course I do hope that you find aikido more to your liking but if you find another sensei who is not a good teacher don't blame the art, just keep looking for the right teacher.

Advice I was given when I fist decided to try aikdo. Go and visit every dojo in you r area at least once. Visit the ones yo like again. Try it for a class or two. Only then can you really know if you found the right teacher.

I got incredibly lucky and hit gold on my first visit but I doubt that this is often the case.
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