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Re: Practical Techniques

Jermaine Alley wrote:

But knowing that, I think that kaiten nage is one of those techniques that I still don't feel comfortable with. I got to keep working on it.....

Hello, all!

OOOooo, Jermaine, you just mentioned my fave - kaiten nage. I LOVE that technique! The first time I was introduced to it was when learning Taigi#1, and to be honest, I thought it would be useless in real life. But then, someone faked a right haymaker at me during randori. Bad move. (hee hee!) I brushed his wrist with my left fingertips, stepped through and rolled him into the next uke without thinking. Very fast, completely unexpected.


I've been playing with it since, getting into kaiten nage from a variety of attacks and entries; varying the finish. We were looking at the two-hand grab to the chest again today and I tried something new - as my Sensei came in on the attack, I grabbed her right hand, dropped under the left, slid into the kaiten nage then instead of driving forward and down, inducing the roll, I tenkanned with my right hand on her left shoulder, driving her down into a pin. I finished with 3-palms-up, which came naturally for that position.


Anyway, what I'm getting at in this post is I'm starting to learn that techniques we think of as useless in real life may be far more effective than we think; I'd say trust the fact that those who developed these techniques did so for a good reason.

Thanx, all!


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