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to be realistic or idealistic?

"Loving protection" continues right up until the moment he makes his move -- then things should shift into survival mode. When he has a change of heart, it's back to "loving protection."

That's the best I can do at my current skill level. If someone can do better, I bow to them.

But for the long run, I don't fill my brain with a lot of "what if" scenarios. I barely have enough brain cells to cope with the day-to-day problems at hand.

Generally, I think people that walk around with a "loving-protection" attitude come off as being false. They often end up being the first ones to lose their cool when the chips are down and tensions get high.

For me, if I can just be straight-forward and sincere, that's good enough. I always respect a guy who's straight and trustworthy. Plus, a guy like that is ususally very clear and hard to fool.

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