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Jermaine Alley
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Is "Loving Protection of all" Practical for Today?

Is "Loving Protection of All" practical for todays street encounters?
I think that we budoka are merely practing theories. We are practicing a particular "theory" of cleverly designed techniques/systems that deal with a serious of different attacks (physical or mental).
Can we afford to think that "loving & protecting" this "attacker" is going to guarantee my safe passage all of the time in every situation?
Are some systems of Aikido incorporating a "false sense of security" for todays' situations? Are we being TOO DAMN NICE?

A Quick reply to my own question..No i don't think that i have a false sense of security at all, but I can't allow "loving protection" to enter my mind when i have to defend myself until after a confrontation is over....tryin to keep it short....more to this after some of your responses...
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