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Re: Still On The Fence

I know I confused a lot of you so please let me take you there. You walk I to the dojo and get on the mat with the instructor, a master in another M.A. and a well trained student. After stretching, there will always be a conversation all hour between the two masters about comparing their technics. Then it went to the students either holding the protective pads and let the masters beat the hell out of you, or being the one trying to do something that that master should know that it should be for accelerated students. On top of that, the master in the other M.A. (not the instructor) would get off on punching you as close as he can, without hitting you. The problem would be that he would hit you. OK, so can you tell there's a problem yet? That fact is that people will only do, what gives them pleasure, something positive or the hope of someday getting something positive. The only thing I saw was getting beaten up on by one master and confused by the other. Does this sound like something you would like to try?
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