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Nage earnestly leads. Uke sincerely follows. As nage outlines the path, a void is left for uke to fill. The motion and connection created is Aikido.

Uke grabs and holds tightly to nage's arm with both hands, katate tori ryote moche, offering energy for nage to perceive, move with and eventually throw uke. Listening to, really paying attention to, and honoring uke the earnest nage restores order. The throw is the by product. Often the throw is perceived as the goal. Instead the goal is the feeling of connection and harmony. The throw is the result of the connection and uke's loss of balance.

Attention. Acceptance. Gratitude.
I like the way this is put. Emphasis on the middle rather than the end.

Perceive, move with.
As a golden rule we say there is no against in Aikido.

So we practice too perceiving and moving with and it is this that brings up the other questions and thus discovery of the other principles involved in Aikido. Ie: Move where? Do what with the opposing energy? Relationship to space? etc. etc.

Then through practice we find we hit plateaus, times where it doesn't matter who it is or what they are doing, hard or soft, fast or slow. These plateaus can also be different and thus new lessons are learned. For example when practicing one point over and over and over again I came to a point one day where I invited anyone to attack in any way they please and then on to multiple and nothing made any difference, it was all easy and it was all one point. This is going back a bit to when I was with my old teacher, but nonetheless it is an example of a plateau. Another time would be where the same happens and yet this time to you it all just a flow, yet another plateau.

So each plateau to me is a step taken gained through much practice. On the journey thus is much learned and a greater understanding of Aikido.

As we move off of those plateaus towards the next one we bump into more comlexities which through more training and good guidance we come to the next plateau and thus the next simplicity.

So overall, bit by bit it gets simpler and the definition of Aikido gets simpler too.

Finally we may say we know harmony and love and the way.

A brief description of 'how we roll' ha, ha.

Regards G.
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