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Jermaine Alley
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Paul Wyatt,

"why learn all techniques when any will do?".

Good question.. Learning as many techniques will enable you to be more flexible in your defenses. I like to think of it as having whatever I need to get through the situation. Aikido, like many other martial arts, is about developing a my humble opinion. a rolodex of techniques to deal with any of lifes' problems, issues, and and off of the mat.

Does that make any sense.

I have to sometimes use different techniques in an offensive kind of way. Being a cop, i sometimes have to "lay hands" on people in order to place them in custody. Some have come willingly, and others have went with a bit of an atemi, OC (mace), baton etc. I an trying to incorporate my training to fit as many situations as I can. No two, situations come with the same dynamics....

hit me back..

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