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Re: Terry Ezra Sensei and Seidokan

Jorge Garcia wrote: View Post
When I talked to Terry Ezra about his background, he expressed an admiration for Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan. Anyone with experience under Yamaguchi Sensei would know something about Kashima Shin ryu Kenjutsu such as Chritsian Tissier does. In fact, Nick Waites, a senior instructor under Terry Ezra does reference their bokken work as coming from Kashima Shin Ryu on page 117 of his book on Aikido available in the U.K. For me, that confirms that somehow, Ezra Shihan came under the influence of Yamaguchi Shihan. I believe that to be one of Ezra Shihan's major influences.
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It's interesting to hear that. I guess when Yamaguchi Sensei came to the UK in the seventies and eighties all of us in the BAF fell under his spell, but I didn't know Terry held him in special esteem. There is a set of clips on Youtube of one of the classes he took in Oxford in 1988, in which Terry Ezra and John Rogers took most of the ukemi: in this one Terry is first on.

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