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Re: Applied Aikido

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I'm still wondering if I should post this here instead of the "Off-The-Mat" subforum.

all this time, I've been taught that the mental and spiritual aspects of a martial arts are more important than the technical details of the techniques.. after all the readings, listening, seeing, training, experiencing, and thinking that I've done, a thought occurred to me that there are more than what meets the eyes in every concept and movement in Aikido other than the martial aspects..

these are some thoughts on how a concept/movements in Aikido can be applied in real life:
1. Irimi = taking initiative
2. Tenkan = not all problems should be faced head on. instead, sometimes we need to take another way around it
3. Atemi = take every chance available (tsukiari)
4. Ukemi = when falling, we need to fall safely. and more importantly, to get back up right away

what do you think? if you can think of another aspect/concept of Aikido and it's application in real life, I'd like to hear about it.
1) Irimi-enter all things with non resistance and interest.
2) Tenkan- join and align with to gain proper perspective.
3) Atemi- meet rather than block or resist everything.
4) Ukemi- enjoy the falls in life.
5) Ikyyo- be kind
6) Nikkyo- complete with humility.
7) Sankyo- Thank you very much. Give thanks.
8) Kotegaishi- return to harmony.
9) tenchinage- Open to love and respect.
10) Kaitenage- take responsibility.

There's a few.

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