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Re: Applied Aikido

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1. Keep a good posture with awareness of your surrounding and you will be less likely to be attacked (attacker look for preys and people who tend to walk with poor posture or look like they are not aware of their surroundings).
2. Keep a good distance between yourself and the unknown person(s)
3. Be assertive and confident - best weapon here is your tongue...

All the best.

These are good tips I have learnt from being a bouncer in London nightclubs for over a decade (now a thing of the past) but this has helped me and my Aikido greatly...

Nick Regnier
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4. If aggressively confronted by an unarmed individual, just start laughing hysterically and very loud; just throws them way of guard - of course, if they don't buy that, best to have some training for plan B

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