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Well for the most part you hold all weapons in your hands, so in a since they become an extension of your hands and body, so yes all weapons techniques can be related to hand techniques.

That said, each weapon adds a different dynamic to the equation and amplfies strengths/weaknesses and allows you to take advantage of the length, weight, sharpeness, or shape of the the tactical application of using a weapon will certainly modify the way you would use it in battle.

Obviously, you would not throw a handgun or swing it. Same with a bow and arrow....however, the breathing techniques, postures, ma ai, know the principles we learn all apply!

With the Bokken and Jo, they are obviously, more closely related to the hand in the use, so I find that they really do complement empty hand practice very well. Infact they increase the risk factor and their is much less room for error so when you practice your technique must be better than without the weapon in your hand, so I feel they really enhance your training!

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