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Keith Larman
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Re: Terry Ezra Sensei and Seidokan

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
We had a study group that started the test before I took mine.......6, 7, 8 or so folks meeting on Sunday mornings to run through the drills and thoughts....getting differing opinions on how to handle it. .... no one in charge. Everyone got to be in the middle a bunch of times. It also allowed each of us to get a better handle on who we were in our approach. As an example James Nakayama flowed by and through folks like a fish in water....for me it was enter, center up and toss'em.....sometimes with a pivot, some times behind me and sometimes at my feet. Each of us was different and the practice established in each of us our individual sense of it. Randori is not like single up, times, mixed flow, varied speeds, split awareness, bodies all over the place...any number of things separate it from one on one. I realize that was Kobayashi Sensei approach and I/we had reviewed this, talked with our instructors and could find none of our crew that bought into we practiced......

Gary, I've got zero problem with what folk do in their training. I was just relaying my understanding of why he felt that way. I enjoyed the hell out of randori when we practiced it and have been known to teach a class or two on it just to get an extra chance to practice. I will get "that look" from some seniors, however, as that is a prevalent attitude. I just like training... More chances the better.

Although in retrospect I will admit I've had 2 rather severe knee injuries doing randori for some reason. Could be coincidence, but maybe it's also karma...

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