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Re: Terry Ezra Sensei and Seidokan

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I'll also add that Kobayashi was well known as being a "salt of the earth" kind of fellow. Powerful technique. And constantly evolving and exploring. FWIW.
As I remember Rod Kobayashi....wasn't he about 4 feet tall......kinda like a hobit.... Kobayashi Sensei presided over the test board when I took my Shodan in 1978. At the time for randori he always said something like " need to practice separately as the principles are same for single or multiple..." After I had completed my exam he came up to me to complement me on my randori and ask me why I was good at it....I told him we have been practicing every Sunday for months in preparation....he looked at me with that look he had.......grumbled and walked away..... OCAk left KI Society within the following year.

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