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Hard and soft

I think you are straying away from my origional point. I made no judgement on hard/soft aikido, infact that was the very essence of my argument, aikido as pointed out can be both hard or soft and that we should try not to pass judgement on either. Again as we all know O'sensei's aikido was harder in the early days perhaps (as I believe) because he was a very robust man therefore l this was reflected in his practice. As an old man his aikido was softer how could it be otherwise as his body softened. Yet he lost none of his power as uchi deshi to him constantly tell us. Which aikido is wrong? I suggest that neither are wrong and that both are simply aikido executed with a different personality. That of a brash adventurer and finally as calm peaceful man. If we look at the book budo which points out the exactness of O'sensei's technique as a young man (i say young he was Fifty) and as an old man a wakayama with atemi and all. I feel that the technique never really changed but the feeling in which they were executed did. Aikido is aikido for better or for worse, hard or soft.

Regards Paul.

Regards Paul Finn
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