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Re: Still On The Fence

Hey John - in reference to your comment about your Wing Chun instructor who doesn't get it.

The most enjoyment you'll ever get doing a martial art is watching all the "higher ranks" walk around like they are the next Jesus Christ. You know what I mean, its that look, the posture that says "I know what I'm talking about...look at me."

Even better is the posts you sometimes see here, where someone asks a decent question and some Sensei/guru replies something like "Aikido is about discovery of yourself, one day you will find it." We all know who those people are.

Sadly, Aikido is absolutely rife with these people as it can be very much an "art form" it atracts that mind set.

Prepare yourself you're in for a ride my friend, unless of course your Aikido instructor is honest, and is well based and balanced.
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