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Janet Rosen wrote:
I have been one of those "someones" and I assure you it is NOT fun to be in the position of asking partners to limit their training in order to accommodate mine.
Looking at what I originaly posted, I came across as peevish and bratty. For that, I apologize. But I think the operative words in your response are "have been". A temprorary change to your training method because of an injury.

My childish complaint was directed at someone who has NO intention of ever taking ukemi, refuses to sit in seiza, yet contines to go up in rank. Its a juvenile overdeveloped sense a fairness I haven't outgrown that rises my irish. "If I have to do it, why doesn't he?"
Janet Rosen wrote:
I have always offered to work with them the same way-- that is, that I would just take them to the point of taking balance--since to me this is 99% of the technique anyway. A few folks would practice that way bur most WANTED me to throw them.
And thats how I would react as well, I would not mind being thrown by you if you were training with an injury.
Janet Rosen wrote:
Maybe you have the misfortune to train with meanspirited people who look for excuses not to take ukemi. My experience is certainly different in that I find most of my training partners, during the periods I was training with disablility, were most gracious.
You know, I bet dollars to donuts that the "Karma Fairy" is gonna tap me with her wand and inflict me with an injury where I feel well enough to train, but not well enough to roll.

Though there are times when I have trained injured (obviously minorly injured)... I have usually bulled my way through it. When one injury (the worst sunburn of my life!!!) was inscrutiating after one practice, I sat out until my back was fit to roll on again.

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